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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Investors Take In New Strategy During Slow Year

New "Flip Factor" book reveals strategies used by NFL coach to earn $45,000 in 45 days

Tampa, FL -- A new book by renowned investment innovator Preston Ely is teaching investors how to profit in an otherwise slow year. "Flip Your Way To Financial Freedom" shows both veteran and aspiring investors how to earn big returns when most other investment strategies are stagnant.

"There's no question about it, 2007 has been a terrible year for most investors. My methods have repeatedly proven themselves to be winners even in this lackluster environment. The demand for this information has been staggering," Ely said.

Until recently, Ely's students paid $5,000 to learn his investing secrets. Now, with the publication of Ely's new book, his most important strategies are now available to the public for the first time.

Ely starts by telling readers what kind of investors are making impressing money this year. He then proceeds to illustrate in detail how to put the popular "Rich Dad Poor Dad" philosophy into action. "Kiyosaki vaguely tells you what to do in the book. I give investors the step-by-step instructions they need to make these powerful ideas earn for them," Ely said.

Among Ely's most notable accomplishments is his ability to help average people earn well above average money in a very short period of time. "I taught my strategies to an NFL coach who then turned around and earned $45,000 in just 45 days," Ely said.

"Flip Your Way To Financial Freedom" focuses on giving readers the motivation they need to see their dreams to fruition. "On average only about 2 in 10 of my students earn the kind of money they're capable off. That's because most people give up when they realize the hurdles that stand in their way. My book gives everyone the same motivation the lucky, wealthy 20 percent possess," Ely said.

The book carefully explains the secrets to wholesaling real estate. Readers don't need money, credit, or experience to make the plan work. "And you don't have to risk your own money to invest. That's a critical point. In the past only the wealthy could generate big money, but now anyone can get into the game without sacrificing their savings or home," Ely said.

"Flip Your Way To Financial Freedom" along with a free mini- course and complimentary newsletter are all available at

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