Real Estate Investing Strategies: How to Find the Best MarketTo Wholesale Houses

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to Find the Best MarketTo Wholesale Houses

Here's a video that I have on youtube that shows you how to find the best market to wholesale houses. I have a couple more good sources that I will post to my blog once I have those video up.

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Adam Investor said...

Hello, I like your video, but was wondering what area are successful flippers doing it in? I am trying to get started in a good area. I know, for example, Austin, TX isn't a good area for flipping because it's hard to find any screaming deals there. Most investors do the buy and hold strategy which I am not interested in doing since I need to make money right away.

Adam Investor said...

Hey Julian, just wanted to follow up and ask for your contact info. I have a couple more questions for you regarding wholesaling.


Julian Lee said...

Adam you can reach me via skype at mentor.lee. I'll be happy to chat with you.