Real Estate Investing Strategies: Insider Source For Private Money to Flip Short Sales

Friday, January 16, 2009

Insider Source For Private Money to Flip Short Sales

The Real Estate market has changed dramatically. Real Estate Investors that are making money have found a source of Private funds to flip their deals. If you're having problems getting hard money loans or you have to put a down payment to get a hard money loan then I have the answer for your problem. With our HSA program as a platinum member you have unlimited access to our private money to flip short sales and bank owned properties. This is the only source of private money that you don't have to pay any upfront fees or high points to use the private money. Once you become a platinum member and use our private money you will be charged 1% plus a $300 admin fee from your profits. Closing costs are generally about $2k using our recommended title company that's familiar with doing double closing. Here's and example of how you will use the private money to flip a short sale property to an end buyer.

$100,000 Retail Value
$50,000 Bank Accepts Your Short Sale Offer
$80,000 You Resale to End Buyer
$30,000 Your Profit at Closing
$1500 Your Cost of Funds (2% Plus $500)

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