Real Estate Investing Strategies: How To Build a Buyers List

Saturday, May 23, 2009

How To Build a Buyers List

Here are some tips and resources that I use to build my buyers list.

Social networking sites:
Create profiles on these sites and network with other investors, join investor groups and include links to your web page.


Classified ad sites:
Post ads on these sites for investor specials, handyman specials, etc. You don't need to have a property currently under contract to do this. Include links to your webpage to join your buyers list.


Blog Sites:
Create a free blog using one of these free services and write about what's going on in your market and the great deals available. Include links to join your buyers list.

Local REI Club:
Go to the rei club meetings and network with other investors and collect and give out your business cards. You can then add these investors to your buyers list

Essential tool: Opt-in Form & Autoresponder

If you have a website or you're using a free blog service you need to have an opt-in form and autoresponder in place to be able to collect your buyers contact information and email them once you have a property under contract. The most simple service to use is aweber. You can use aweber to create a form and simply copy and paste that code in your website or blog to collect you buyer's information. You don't need any technical skills to do this as it's extremely simple. Aweber will provide you with video tutorials that will walk you through step by step. You can also use aweber to stay in contact with your buyers so that they will know immediatly that you have a property under contract to sell to them.


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