Real Estate Investing Strategies: Transactional Funding JV Oppurtunity For Reo and Short Sales

Monday, May 4, 2009

Transactional Funding JV Oppurtunity For Reo and Short Sales

Do you have a real estate deal lined up but you are unable to access the cash to get the deal closed? Maybe you don't want to pay the high fees associated with getting a hard money loan to flip your reo and short sale transactions. What if you can get transactional funds and proof of funds letter. How many deals do you think you can do then? Would an extra two deals a month help? Maybe you need to do five or more deals? Who knows, but times are tough and if you got burned with foreclosures in the real estate meltdown there is a way to benefit in these tough times. I want to extend to you an opportunity to make money in these tough times.

Let me help you to help yourself. I am a real estate investor that's been enjoying the benefits of using private money to flip properties and want you to enjoy the same benefits. Jv with me to close your deal or deals using private money for 30 percent of the profits. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity contact me and I will send you a JV agreement so we can get started.

To your success in 2009.


Brian said...

Hey Julian, I am interested in finding out more about your JV partnering program. Please respond to

Brian S. Whitman

DARRYL411 said...

Hey Julian, I am interested also in working a 30% Short Sale Purchase-Money JV with you.

Please respond to